Hello Gentlemen,

My father would like to invite all of you to Playa Grande for a round golf on Friday – his treat!  If you would like to join, please shoot us an email at sabrinapluschris [at] gmail and we will get back to you with details.



Let us know if any of you would like to use the spa services at our villa. There are plenty of private spaces on the Casa Kimball property, so guests staying at La Catalina are more than welcome to reserve spa services at our villa during the day.

Please download the spa menu for details and pricing, and contact Monica for appointments.


Hello everyone,

Here is the schedule for events for our wedding. Please contact us if you have any questions. So excited to see everyone in a few days!

Love ~ S+C xoxoxo

Guests will be arriving at the Villa and La Catalina throughout the day. As everyone will be settling in after a long day of travel, we are planning to have an easy going evening at the villa.

8.00PM Drinks
Please feel free to join us at the villa in the evening for drinks.

Many of us will be at the villa getting ready for the wedding the next day.  Feel free to join us by the pool during the day.  If you would like to schedule an island excursion for Friday, please contact our wedding planner Monica.

5.00PM Ceremony Rehearsal
At the villa cliff deck. Wedding Party only.

8.00PM Movie Night!
At the villa. Feature film starring the groom in an Oscar-worthy performance. :) There might even be a love scene. Popcorn, sweet + savory goodies, beer and fresh cocktails will be served.

Our wedding day! WOOHOOOOOO!!!

4.00PM Pre-Ceremony Cocktails
At the villa. Monica will be making transportation arrangements for guests staying at La Catalina.  Please contact either Sue or Monica if you have any questions.

4.30PM Wedding Ceremony
At the villa cliff deck.

5.00PM Cocktail Hour
Group portraits. Drinks and hors d’oeurves. Toasts.

7.00PM Reception
Dinner and party ‘til sunrise!

Feel free to join us at the villa for rest relaxation. If people are feeling up for it, we may go on one of the island excursions.

5.00PM Bonfire Dinner & Party at Playa Grande
Monica will be making arrangements for guests staying at La Catalina.  Please contact either Sue or Monica if you have any questions.

We will be exploring Cabrera and neighboring towns. Please feel free to join us for the rest of the week.

The journey from POP to Cabrera is not the easiest of roads to navigate as the Dominican Republic is a bit sparse on street signs.  Per our previous post on travel planning, we highly recommend renting a GPS if you are driving yourself, but just in case, the following are directions to La Catalina and Casa Kimball at Orchid Bay Estates.

If you get lost along the way, please call our wedding planner Monica and she will help get you back on the right track.

Monica Boumeester
US 1.888.766.4640
DR 1.809.763.4367



1. Heading out of POP Puerto Plata Airport turn left (East) onto Highway #5.

2. Continue East on Highway #5 for 62 miles.  You will take Highway #5 all the way to Cabrera, passing the following towns (in this order) along the way: Sosua, Cabarete, Gaspar hernandez, Rio San Juan.

3. Upon entering Cabrera, you will drive another 3-5 miles before reaching La Catalina and Orchid Bay, passing the villages of Abreu and El Breton, and then Playa Grande Golf Course.  Please note you may not have cell reception along this stretch of the drive.

4. As you leave El Brenton, the road will climb uphill as you approach La Catalina and Orchid Bay.

If you are heading to LA CATALINA:

5. You will reach a ‘T’ junction shortly after reaching the village of Catalina. Look out for ‘La Catalina’ sign posts. Take a right off the highway at the junction. The road off the junction will eventually turn from a paved road to a dirt road.

6. You will run see a ‘La Catalina’ sign a few minutes up ahead at a split in the road. Turn left at the split.

7. ‘La Catalina’ resort will be on your left hand side about 1/2 mile up the road.

If you are heading to Casa Kimball at ORCHID BAY:

5. Once you enter the village of Catalina continue down the road until you reach Isla gas station.  The entrance to Orchid Bay estates will be on your lefthand side, approximately 200 meters after Isla gas station.  If you come to a Texaco gas station, you have gone too far.

6. Orchid Bay has a guarded gate. Please let the guard know you are a guest at Villa No.

7. Once you enter Orchid Bay, drive straight down the tree-lined dirt road until you reach the dead end.

8. Take a left at the dead end, and continue down the road about a 1/4 mile.  Villa No. 5 will be on your right hand side, just before you reach the end of the road.

Had to post this – So hot. And manly. Thanks for the photo Steven. ;)

Savory, sweet treats + spa massages + psychics + AM cocktails served with jiu jiu straws + Duke’s amazing anatomy diagram + late night dancing + 4AM brunching = OMG! Best hen party ever!

Lots of love and big thanks to T for planning my super sick bachelorette weekend! I had such a blast hanging out with everyone. And, of course, missed those of you who couldn’t make it; hope to catch up with all of you very soon.

Uploaded photos of the party at Terresa’s home:

And at Avenue:

Also, check out Rocky’s blog post for Cheskin on our Silly Bandz. :”)

Thanks again T! I love you!


Outside of attending our spectacularly exciting affair, we hope everyone will take advantage of all that Cabrera has to offer during the rest of your stay on the island. The beaches and surrounding nature are beautiful, and there is plenty to do in the way of adventure, exploration, sport and relaxation. Details are listed below. Please feel free to contact our wedding planner Monica for help with making arrangements.

Monica Boumeester
US 1.888.766.4640

PLAYA GRANDE back to top
With its pristine shoreline and clear waters, Playa Grande is one of the top rated beaches by Condé Nast. Local kitchen huts serve up fresh seafood and Dominican fare, beer and fresh fruit cocktails for about $15 a person. They’ll even set up a picnic table wherever you are on the beach. Playa Grande is a 10 minute drive from the La Catalina and Orchid Bay. Shuttle service is available for about $8 per person.

Explore underwater caves and crystal clear Caribbean reefs teaming with marine life, and relax between dives on white sand beaches. We recommend getting PADI certified before your trip, as the course takes several days and is very expensive to do so in Cabrera. Monica can assist with reservations through Northern Coast Diving, a 5 Star Instructor Development Center; PADI Gold Palm Resort and National Geographic Dive Center.
Scuba Diving ≈$100-300 per person
PADI certification ≈$800 per person
Snorkel Cruise $60 for 3 hours + $25 per person
Transportation ≈$60 for group of 6 people

Training ground to professional windsurfers and kite boarders, Cabarete (about 30 minutes from Cabrera) is home to some of the most fantastic kite conditions in the world. Rent a board or sign up for lessons. Shuttle service is available from La Catalina and Orchid Bay.
Contact Monica for pricing

GOLF back to top
Playa Grande Golf Course is Robert Trent Jones final course, between Rio San Juan and Cabrera. The beautiful 370 acre parcel of land cuts into cliffs overlooking the Atlantic.
Contact Monica for pricing

Explore the ocean coast and lush tropical mountain forests on horseback. Pick up can be arranged from La Catalina or Orchid Bay.
Half Day Ride $55 per person

Relax, swim and soak up the sun while sailing the Atlantic Ocean.
Contact Monica for pricing

DEEP SEA FISHING back to top
The North Coast of the Dominican Republic offers world class deep sea fishing. A captain and guide will take you on fully customized fishing boat outfitted with the latest equipment. Refreshments are provided.
Short Charter $400
Half Day $750
Full Day $1200
Silver Banks $1200
*gas is additional

WHALE WATCHING back to top
Unfortunately, we’ll be missing this activity as migrating humpbacks visit Samana Bay January through March. However if you decide to return to the Dominican Republic next year the locals highly recommend it. It’s a unique opportunity to observe humpback whales in their natural calving and mating grounds.

Explore mountain territories and local terrain inaccessible to most tourists. Group tours available for different levels of difficulty.
Contact Monica for pricing

JEEP SAFARIS & ATV’S back to top
Spend half a day exploring jungle rivers, rain forests and native villages hidden away in the mountains and valleys beyond the coast. Pick up can be arranged from La Catalina or Orchid Bay.
Jeep Safari $45 per person
Jeep Safari w/ Lunch at Playa Grande $55 per person
ATV Single $95 per person
ATV Tandem $65 per person

27 WATERFALLS TOUR back to top
Rio Damajagua is an adventure! You’re going to be swimming, jumping, sliding and climbing through 27 waterfalls. Trip requires a 6am departure and is an all day excursion.
$160 for 6 people

CLIFF JUMPING back to top
Enjoy an afternoon of swimming and (for the daring) cliff jumping at Laguna Du Du and La Entrada Beach. Explore beautiful spring fed pools of crystal clear water and seaside caves. Cold beers and rum cocktails available at the beach kiosks.
$60 for 6 person van
$2 for entrance to laguna

Customize an Island tour by helicopter. Prices vary. Starting at $800 and up.

So, Ladies,

We’ve made a significant change of plans to our girls’ weekend. It was difficult for many of you to make it to Vieques and celebrating without all my girls seemed sorely pointless sooo… I’m heading back to NYC for the weekend instead! Details for the party below. Mommies, you are welcome to bring the little ones for the daytime activities.

Saturday, July 17th at 3:30PM
Chelsea Stratus
101 West 24th Street (at 6th Avenue)
3rd Floor Lounge & Deck

If everyone’s feeling up for a late night we’ll head out for some dancing and lounging. Otherwise it’ll be movies in bed at T’s place. :)


T ~ Super big 3Q for going through all the trouble of planning the Vieques trip and now planning this second party. Love you.

Chelsea Stratus, NYC

Hello Everyone,

We’ve started a google doc for guests who are interested in sharing transportation to and from the airport, rooming together at La Catalina or renting one of the villas.

Please click here and enter your info to connect with each other.

S + C

In planning our wedding, we’ve conspired to trap both sides of our families and friends together for a few days to have some seriously fun, quality time to relax, hang out, party and (most importantly) get to know each other.

We have spent many months scrutinizing and deliberating over tens of dozens of potential wedding locations – turned down a mountain ranch overlooking river waters and acres of glorious orchards; declined good wine in Napa Sonoma vineyards; said no to sailing in cozy New England; dismissed a desert tipi retreat; rejected a Rajasthan safari – all to settle on a remote island getaway! …This shindig will be surrounded by miles of ocean and country side. There is absolutely no escaping our good company!

Check out our sneak peek photos of the island and Casa Kimball villa.

PS: The eco-friendly property was built using materials and resources native to the Dominican Republic, and belongs to Google programmer Spencer Kimball – all of which make it extra awesome. :)

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