…And an overdue post to congratulate Brenda and her fiancé Andrew! They were in engaged in Hong Kong (like us!) this past February.

Brenda and I have been friends since middle school at TAS (we were super awesome at the running man and roger rabbit in 8th grade talent shows back then). I still remember the first time she told me about Andrew: we were clubbing at Ruby Falls – over half a decade ago  – they hadn’t started dating yet, and even then I could tell she was already smitten. Brenda couldn’t have found a better match. It’s wonderful to see how well they take care of each other, and how much fun they have together. Not to mention, they’re surprisingly congruous in their decision making… I mean, look where they both decided was the best place to store their vacuum cleaner.

So, congratulations you two! You know how much we love it when white guys and oriental girls get together! :)

Love… Sabrina (and Chris) xoxoxo