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The following are all the details you need to book your trip to Cabrera.

We will be posting more on events and activities. In the meantime, please contact us if you have any questions or need help planning.

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About the Dominican Republic & Cabrera
Travel Dates
Passports & Visas
Flights to Puerto Plata (POP)
Currency Exchange
Local Transportation
What to wear

The DR is a very tourist friendly country. There is some crime, but because tourism is very important to the economy, it is not focused on visitors. For those of you who have not been to a third world country, expect to see lots of chickens, families of five on a single moped and horse drawn carts in heavy traffic! We generally found the locals to be amiable and enthusiastic. Many of them speak enough English to communicate.

The seaside town where we are celebrating is Cabrera. It is situated on the northern coast of the country in María Trinidad Sánchez province – which is incredibly lush and beautiful! There is very little population and tourism infrastructure in the area; any foreigner you cross paths with will more than likely be one of our wedding guests, so feel free to say “hello” and make friends. :)

Read more on the Dominican Republic and Cabrera.

Puerto Plata Airport to Orchid Bay in Cabrera

TRAVEL DATES back to top
We suggest planning your stay for at least Thursday 09/16/2010 through Sunday 09/19/2010 so that you have time to enjoy the island.

PASSPORTS & VISAS back to top
Passports are required to enter the Dominican Republic. Visas are not required if you are a US citizen. If you are not a US citizen, please visit Visa HQ and select your nationality for visa requirements.

Flights should be booked into Puerto Plata POP. Why not fly into Santo Domingo SDQ? While the flight prices to Santo Domingo SDQ can be slightly cheaper, the drive to Cabrera is about 2.5 to 3 hours. It is a straight shot on a new highway with a nice view for those who want to make the journey. Please ask us about our experience if you want to fly into SDQ. We will give you some tips… but the first tip is to fly into POP if you can!

Recommended Flights out of New York and Chicago.
The following are reasonably priced flights from Kayak.

Airline: JetBlue Airways
Price: ≈$472
Flight Time: ≈3hours 40minutes (nonstop, one way)
Estimated Departure Time: JFK 6:45am to POP 11:20am
Estimated Return Time: POP 10:23am to JFK 2:57pm

Airline: American Airlines
Price: ≈$473
Flight Time: ≈ 7hours (1 stop, one way)
Estimated Departure Times: ORD 5:45am / 7:20pm / 8:45pm / 9:55pm
Estimated Return Time: POP 3:00pm to ORD 10:00pm

Group Rates
If you are traveling in a group of 10 or more people departing from the same city, we recommend contacting Air Gorilla for discounted group rates.

Tourist Tax
You will be asked to pay a $10 tourist tax per person before being able to enter the country. There will be a booth to pay this tax and pick up a receipt for customs before you enter the Customs & Immigration line at the airport.  (Another plus of flying into POP? The tax dude pours you a Dominican Rum Mojito after you pay. No such service at SDQ. We’re not kidding.)

There are commission-free currency exchange booths at both airports. We recommend changing out cash before leaving the airport, as you may be hard pressed to find a reliable currency exchange in Cabrera.

Rooms for the wedding party have been booked at Casa Kimball. Wedding guests have the option of booking a room at La Catalina resort or organizing a larger group to share a villa at Orchid Bay. If any single travelers want a roommate for the trip please shoot us an email and will do our best to pair you up.

Hotel La Catalina
Rooms at Hotel La Catalina have been blocked off for guests. It is a simple and relaxing resort that is a 7 minute drive from the wedding villa and costs only $69 a night with our group rate! Shuttles are available for transportation to local areas, and arrangements will be made to take you between La Catalina and our villa on the evening of our wedding. Please contact Sue to make reservations with our group rate.

PARTY ~ Shaffer-Finlay Wedding
EMAIL ~ hotellacatalina@gmail.com
PHONE (USA) ~ 313.279.3114
PHONE (DR) ~ 809.589.7700

Cancellation policy is no charge with 30 days notice, 50% of the total charge with 15-29 days notice, and full payment with 14 days notice.

Rooms will be blocked off only until July 18th, so please make your bookings before then as there are no other resorts in the immediate area.

Orchid Bay Villas
Orchid Bay, where Casa Kimball is located, has several large villas for those of you who want to organize a group to share accommodations. The villas sleep anywhere from 10 to 20 people and cost an average of $1200 a night with a 4 night minimum. Please view the following links for reservation info. Golf carts will be available for travelling between villas. If you need any assistance with making arrangements, we can put you in touch with our wedding planner Monica.

Sunrise Villa
Flor De Cabrera Villa
Villa Castella Monte
Villa Alheli
Casa Bella Villa

Other Resorts
Gran Bahia Principe (25 minutes away)
Velero Beach Resort (1 hour away)

Cabrera is about 45 minutes to 1 hour from Puerto Plata POP. We don’t recommend renting a car as the island is hard to navigate and we have arranged for shuttles and golf carts once you arrive in Cabrera.

Shuttle Service
Shuttle and private bus services can be arranged for single travelers or groups of up to 22 people. Round trips to and from POP cost anywhere from $40 to $200 per person depending on your needs. Please inquire with either Sue at La Catalina or your host at Orchid Bay Villas to make reservations.

Car and GPS Rentals
Car rentals are ≈$25/day. A $1000 hold on a credit card will be required. The hold will be released within a week after returning your car.

Renting a GPS is recommend as you’ll be navigating country roads with little signage. Rental cars in the Dominican Republic do not have a GPS option. It has to be rented from a separate booth at the airport. GPS rentals are $10/day and require a $300 hold on a Master or Visa credit card. The hold will be released within 30 days of returning the GPS.

Please note that renting in the Dominican Republic requires you to sign a blank receipt for the rental company’s insurance against any damage you may incur. This is a very old way of doing things (and feels risky) but we had no problem with the rental companies during our stay. Just in case, we suggest using a credit card that has strong consumer protection rather than an ATM or bank card. Remember to request that they rip up the blank receipt when your car and GPS are returned.

Driving in the DR
There are basically no speed limits. Highways are patrolled by private security but we rarely saw them. We (Rocky, not Sabrina) drove fast with no problem. The country is quite beautiful so the drive is enjoyable. If you are driving at night, please be wary of pedestrians and cyclists – there is very little light and locals will walk miles along highway roads in the dark.

WHAT TO WEAR back to top
Attire for the wedding is dressy-casual. We want you to look nice, but really we care more about everyone being comfortable. The weather will be hot and we’ll be getting a little sweaty on the dance floor, so feel free to leave your sport coat at home! Do bring a light sweater or jacket as evenings tend to get a little chilly.