So, Ladies,

We’ve made a significant change of plans to our girls’ weekend. It was difficult for many of you to make it to Vieques and celebrating without all my girls seemed sorely pointless sooo… I’m heading back to NYC for the weekend instead! Details for the party below. Mommies, you are welcome to bring the little ones for the daytime activities.

Saturday, July 17th at 3:30PM
Chelsea Stratus
101 West 24th Street (at 6th Avenue)
3rd Floor Lounge & Deck

If everyone’s feeling up for a late night we’ll head out for some dancing and lounging. Otherwise it’ll be movies in bed at T’s place. :)


T ~ Super big 3Q for going through all the trouble of planning the Vieques trip and now planning this second party. Love you.

Chelsea Stratus, NYC