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Had to post this – So hot. And manly. Thanks for the photo Steven. ;)


Savory, sweet treats + spa massages + psychics + AM cocktails served with jiu jiu straws + Duke’s amazing anatomy diagram + late night dancing + 4AM brunching = OMG! Best hen party ever!

Lots of love and big thanks to T for planning my super sick bachelorette weekend! I had such a blast hanging out with everyone. And, of course, missed those of you who couldn’t make it; hope to catch up with all of you very soon.

Uploaded photos of the party at Terresa’s home:

And at Avenue:

Also, check out Rocky’s blog post for Cheskin on our Silly Bandz. :”)

Thanks again T! I love you!


In planning our wedding, we’ve conspired to trap both sides of our families and friends together for a few days to have some seriously fun, quality time to relax, hang out, party and (most importantly) get to know each other.

We have spent many months scrutinizing and deliberating over tens of dozens of potential wedding locations – turned down a mountain ranch overlooking river waters and acres of glorious orchards; declined good wine in Napa Sonoma vineyards; said no to sailing in cozy New England; dismissed a desert tipi retreat; rejected a Rajasthan safari – all to settle on a remote island getaway! …This shindig will be surrounded by miles of ocean and country side. There is absolutely no escaping our good company!

Check out our sneak peek photos of the island and Casa Kimball villa.

PS: The eco-friendly property was built using materials and resources native to the Dominican Republic, and belongs to Google programmer Spencer Kimball – all of which make it extra awesome. :)

Uploaded photos from our engagement party. They’re mostly silly. :) Big thanks to Ryan’s girlfriend Sakina for bringing a camera.

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